On the Edge

director: Sabina Papp

director, editor: Tomáš Bačo

editor, producer: Benedek Fliegauf

On the very edge of a Roma settlement in Eastern Slovakia stands a small shack giving home to a young family: the mother, Bozenka, the father, Berti and their three children, Editka, Putki and Ruzenka. As we step into their heaven and immerse ourselves in the mundane everyday lives of the family, a life full of struggles unfolds in front of our eyes. Is there a way out of generational poverty? Or are all individual efforts only a vain attempt to resolve a systemic issue of such a scale? This documentary approaches these questions by following the journey of our main protagonists amidst a pandemic. We watch them as they build their home, welcome a new family member, raise their children, plan their future and look for a way out of the slum.
64 min
date of release: 
production company: 
ICAMS s.r.o