Once Upon a Time in Venezuela
/VE, UK, AT, BR/

director: Anabel Rodríguez Ríos

editor: Sepp R. Brudermann

producer: Sepp R. Brudermann

On Lake Maracaibo, beneath the mysterious silent Catatumbo lightning, the village of Congo Mirador is preparing for parliamentary elections. For streetwise local businesswoman and Chavist party representative Tamara every vote counts, fought by all means, while for opposition-supporting teacher Natalie, politics is a weapon unsuccessfully attempting to force her from her job. And with her sharp eyes, little Yoaini sees her community sinking from sedimentation, her childhood and innocence with it. How can a small fishing village survive against corruption, pollution and political decay – a reflection of all the flaws of contemporary Venezuela.

99 min
Rise And Shine World Sales (International), Cargo (US)
date of release: 
production company: 
Spiraleye Productions Ltd., Sancocho Publico A.C.
Golden Girls Film Productions, Pacto Audiovisual, Tres Cinematografia, Claudia Lepage