Pure Unknown

director: Mattia Colombo

director: Valentina Cicogna

editor: Valentina Cicogna

producer: Sebastiano Luca Insinga

Every year, dozens of "nameless dead" arrive on Cristina's autopsy table and they would remain without a name if Cristina, medical examiner and Professor at the University of Milan, hadn’t took on a battle to push the institutions to find their identity. Finding the identity of an undocumented body requires human resources, logistics, time and money. But often the so called Pure Unknown belong to the fringes of society and to the most fragile categories of citizens, such as the homeless, prostitutes or illegal immigrants. For this reason, prosecutors and politicians don’t do everything in their power to return those remains to families that, somewhere in the world , are looking for their disappeared loved ones. Cristina's battle, at times visionary at the point of resulting hopelessness, will lead her to the doorstep of the European Parliament, to ask a simple yet complex question: "Who do we want to be?”
90 min
Deckert Distribution
date of release: 
production company: 
Jump Cut