Racing Hearts

director: Milla Bergh

editor: Dominika Daubenbüchel

producer: Martin Bergh

1962. Swedish race car driver Ewy Rosqvist and her co-driver Ursula Wirth are signed as Mercedes-Benz first female competitive drivers. As Ewys career blooms, her husband wants to control her and demands of her to choose between him and Mercedes-Benz. Ewy chooses the latter and never looks back. That same year Ewy and Ursula travel to Argentina to participate in the infamous, dangerous race Gran Premio. 284 cars had entered the race, and never before had a woman participated. Ewy and Ursula face mistrust and protests simply for being women in a male dominated sport. 4th of november 1962. They win all six stages of the almost 5000 km long race, and rewrite motorsport history. Through Ewys own words from 1962 and double 8 film in color shot by Ursula, the struggles behind their sudden rise to fame is unveiled.
date of release: 
production company: 
Escathon AB