Racing Hearts

director: Milla Bergh

editor: Dominika Daubenbüchel

producer: Martin Bergh

It is 1961. Society is changing but a woman's role is still to be behind the stove. Meanwhile, Ursula is darting in her Volkswagen Beetle through the deep forests of Sweden. She dreams of becoming a professional race car driver. One day she meets the famous Ewy, who is at the time looking for a co-driver. They team up, and soon thereafter Mercedes-Benz signs them as the company's first ever female racing team.
Ursula and Ewy travel to Argentinas Grand Prix and shocks everyone by winning the infamous race as the only female competitors ever to compete. Ursula takes on the challenges laid upon her without hesitation. Her hunger for speed, life and love is all captured by her brand new Bolex film camera.
Sixty years later her film rolls are found by me. A woman, a mother and a filmmaker who in Ursula’s rolls see two forgotten trailblazers unknowing of the empowering force of their story.
date of release: 
production company: 
Escathon AB