Return to Life

director: Jaroslav Beran
editor: Daniel Trögler
producers: František Horvát

Return to Life is a documentary film based on the global Housing First project. This social project takes place in the small Czech town of Otrokovice. In everyday practice, social workers try to re-educate socially vulnerable people from the streets or from hostels to get full-fledged housing. The Housing First strategy works exactly the opposite. Socially vulnerable people first get full-fledged flats, and then social workers try to help them find work, trying to teach them how to manage money etc. With full facilities, they are more able to integrate back into the society. In Otrokovice, this project has been running since the spring of 2020, where a total of 12 flats have become available in a few months. Return to Life brings to life four apartments and the life stories in them. Some found their way back to normal life, others unfortunately did not.
date of release: 
production company: 
Tomas Bata University in Zlín
FILMTALENT Zlín Endowment Fund, IS Produkce zeroin s.r.o., Produkce Beran