Who I Am Not
/US, DE/

director: Tunde Skovran

editor: Marianna Rudas

producer: Andrei Zinca

co-producer: Patrick Hamm

As a national beauty queen, Sharon Rose Khumalo lives a life most South African young women only dream of, until her secret is revealed: she’s intersex. When stigma and gender uncertainty overtake Sharon, Dimakatso Sibidi, a passionate intersex activist, storms in her life, propelling her on a journey to discover for herself what truly makes a woman. Sharon and Dimakatso's stories emphasize the diversity of human existence, offering a new depiction of womanhood and femininity that speaks to people of all genders. Who I Am Not sheds light on what it feels to be one of the almost 130 million people worldwide born intersex, living in fear of family shame, social stigma, and facing identity struggles in light of pressure to be binary, and “normal”.
90 min
date of release: 
production company: 
Double 4 Studios
Bulldog Agenda GmbH