Blanka Kulová


editor / participant 2024
 / INT workshop
Blanka is a graduate of the Department of Editing at FAMU, Czech editor of documentary films (most recently Michael Kocáb - rocker versus politician, Jiří Suchý - Easy to fight with life, Okamura Brothers), reportages, TV spots, music videos and mother of three little pirates. Among other things, she is the co-author of the documentary The Film Adventurer Karel Zeman about the important Czech author of the first trick films and she participated in the exposition of the Karel Zeman Museum in Prague's Kampa. She also collaborates on a number of projects of her husband David Vrbik, who is highly regarded in the Czech experimental art, dance and electronic music scene. At the festival Blanka will supervise whether you can work with rhythm, logical ordering of scenes in the narrative, gradation of the story, etc.
dok.incubator project