Filip Remunda


director / participant 2024
 / INT workshop
Filip Remunda graduated from FAMU – documentary directing department in the masterclass of Karel Vachek. He was awarded for his film “Village B” at the Karlovy Vary IFF in 2002 and at other festivals in Europe and the USA. Together with Vít Klusák, he became widely known for his film reality show about the fictional hypermarket “Czech Dream” from 2004. Film was was theatrically distributed in Europe and USA and was awarded by numerous festival prizes including the Czech Academy Award. He received the Pavel Koutecky Award, given for a distinctive documentary achievement, for the film "The Tadpole, The Rabbit and The Holy Ghost" in 2007. For his documentary comedy about the US radar base “Czech Peace” from 2010, he won the Czech Film Critics and Theorists Award for Best Documentary as well as Czech Academy Award, and the main award at the DMZ International Documentary Festival in South Korea. Existential film-jam session about three aging Jazz musicians "Steam on the River" won in 2016 the Slovak Film Academy Award. Remunda's family pandemic story “Chickens, Virus and Us” was presented at festivals around the world and received several environmental awards in 2021. In 2001, he co-founded the Institute of Documentary Film (IDF), an institution which provides creative and supportive background for creative documentaries. He also regularly works as a lecturer at the Ex Oriente Film doc lab. In 2003, together with Vit Klusak, he founded an independent production company Hypermarket Film. He is the father of three children.
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