Júlia Rabadán Aymar


editor / participant 2024
 / INT workshop
Graduated with a degree in Cinema from ESCAC University, specializing in Documentary, Julia R. Aymar currently works as an Editor and Post-production Head Coordinator for various TV programs, documentaries, and reality shows. She recently contributed her editing skills to the production "EL MAGO POP 24 HORAS CON..." for DISCOVERY CHANNEL (co-produced by EL TERRAT) and worked on documentaries co-produced by HBO/DISCOVERY CHANNEL and VICE.
Julia has an extensive editing background, having worked on notable films and TV series such as "This Is Not Sweden", "Maria y Yo," "The Pelayos" (Bausan Films), and "Gran Nord" (Veranda Tv & TV3), as well as TV commercials. Her creative contributions extend beyond the screen, as she has crafted audiovisual projections for theater plays like "100 Femmes," performed in Spain, Holland, and Korea. Additionally, she has collaborated with artists like Andrea Nacach on the creation of "Un Mundo de Margaritas," exhibited at the TATIANA KOUROTCHKINA art gallery in Barcelona.
Julia merges her technical expertise with a profound exploration of human emotions.
dok.incubator project