Mathias Hefel


producer / participant 2024
 / INT workshop
Mathias Hefel was born in 1968 in Basel, Switzerland. For over 10 years has the trained and licensed businessman and social pedagogue been a producer of feature documentaries. Before he started in 2006 with the production of commissioned films for the pharmaceutical industry , the public health system and the ministry of health. In 2011 he started to produce documentaries for Swiss Radio and Television (SRF) and in 2016 the first documentary series for SRF (The Parkour Pros, 4 times 25 minutes), in 2019 “The Tribunal“ (4 times 42 minutes). The first feature length documentary “Mountains in the Mind” (Berge im Kopf) for cinema, festival and TV distribution premiered 2014 at Solothurn Film Festival and had a successful cinema release in Switzerland. The second feature documentary “In the Mirror” (Im Spiegel) premiered in 2020 at Solothurner Filmtage and at Hofer Filmtage and had as well a remarkable cinema release in Switzerland. In 2018 Mathias became a partner of Edgar Hagen (both managing directors) of Vollbild Film Ltd, Basel. Mathias works in project development, as executive producer, production manager and also as sound engineer both on documentary and fiction projects. In the submitted project “On the Trail of Madness” he was involved and committed as a producer since 2016. He has two other projects in production and two in development.
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