Simona Bago Móciková


producer / participant 2023
 / INT workshop
Simona is experienced in the production, distribution, and marketing field. She worked as a strategist and exhibitors' relationship manager in a theatrical distribution company, copywriter, and digital marketing manager. She co-founded the production company Bright Sight Pictures which provides creative, production, and marketing support to various audiovisual works, mostly targeted on director-driven projects. They released a romantic comedy Avalanche of Love (d. Jakub Machala) in 2022. Currently, they're releasing a historical drama The Chambermaid (d. Mariana Čengel Solčanská), and editing a social documentary Fakir (alt. As Long As I Live, d. Roman Ďuriš). Simona’s passionate about storytelling, and behavioral sciences and she's also a Green Screen Ambassador for sustainable filmmaking in Slovakia. Simona's goal is to cultivate artistic freedom while maintaining a commercial sensibility.
dok.incubator project