Tin Dirdamal


editor / participant 2022
 / INT workshop
He was born 165 kilometers south of the US-Mexico border, self-taught filmmaker with formal studies in engineering. He measures the success of his films by how much of himself he is able to abandon in the process. An advocate of plagiarism and a great ignorant of world affairs. He knows how to find underground water and until recently he had never read a book. He is convinced he can document the future and has attempted this numerous times. At age 23 he grabbed a camera for the first time and made his first feature length film that won him the Audience Award at the Sundance Film Festival. His films have been selected and awarded at Sundance, Visions du Reél, IDFA, Jihlava, Torino, and ARTE (TV). He has received grants from Sundance Institute, Tribeca Film Institute and Rockefeller Media Artists. He has been invited to give workshops and masterclasses at UCLA, YALE, NYU, Union Docs (Brooklyn).
dok.incubator project