– Frequently Asked Questions

dok.incubator, an international documentary rough cut workshop for editors, directors and producers, calls for submissions BEFORE January 27th. The workshop provides 6 months of individual tutoring by top editors, producers, marketing experts and distributors.

  • A forum of 25 internationally-active professionals to work on the dramaturgy, distribution strategy and marketing through-out the whole postproduction of your film (end of April – September 2021)
  • An inspiration for your storytelling; gained from a group of tutors and participants from Europe and other countries around the world
  • A deep knowledge of the current film market and sophisticated know-how of how to build a tailor-made distribution strategy
  • New tools to target and attract a wider audience, internationally

Workshop Program:

Eight creative teams (producer-director-editor) of feature-length documentary projects are selected. The teams are invited to three intensive week-long workshops, however they work continuously, under the supervision of their mentors for the whole 6 months.

1st Session: last week of April

Each project gets feedback on the dramaturgy of the rough cut from the whole group of participants and tutors. The projects are selected by the editing mentors to work together throughout the whole course on the film‘s storytelling, the topic and characters building. The participating producers discuss the film’s distribution potential and develop the first draft of the international strategy. The whole teams participate on the audience targeting.

2nd Session: June

Editing mentors work with the participants on the films during the summer to finalise narrative structure of the films. For the second session a first testing audience comes to give feedback from the distribution point of view. Internationally established sales agents, festival representatives and broadcasters follow the participants to design a detailed distribution strategies, films’ positioning and help on the concrete marketing outcomes (stills, poster, texts, trailers).

3rd Session:  September

The participants introduce their projects to the key European broadcasters, sales agents, and festival selectors at an exclusive presentation of upcoming films: dok.incubator Preview at Nordisk Panorama (the usual scenario before the 2020 pandemia situation). After 4 days of trailer editing and an individual pitching training, the informal pitching takes place and the participants have the opportunity to meet individually the invited guests to gain presales, sales and festival offers for the film and to build an own network of contacts in the business. After the presentation, they share the offers and the next steps to take with their distribution tutors.

Please, note the TIMELINE of your editing work:

    • Between the 1st and the 2nd workshop (May – June), please, book your editor’s time for 4 – 6 weeks (we ask you two weeks before every workshop starts to upload the new version of your cut for our tutors to watch)
    • Between the 2nd and 3rd workshop (July – early September) you’re closing the cut, editing the trailer and preparing the distribution/marketing package
    • All the three members of the team (producer – director – editor) attend the complete week-long programme of all the 3 workshops