Alex Bakri


editor / participant 2024
 / INT workshop
Alex Bakri (2021 IDFA winner “Octopus”; 2023 Rotterdam official selection “THIIIRD”) is a Palestinian filmmaker from the Galilee. He is an award winning editor and director who has been involved in the project since its early days. athered experience as an actor in diverse cinema films (a.o. “The Time That Remains” 2009 by Elia Suleiman). Since 2007 he directed several short films, then worked as a DOP and camera man (u.a. “Wajd” 2014 by Firas Roby, Award: "best film" at Lebanese "Tyre International Short Film Festival 2014"/ „Cinema Jenin“ (documentary) 2011 by Marcus Vetter, Award: German Camera Prize in section of cut 2012,Festivals: DIFF, IDFA). Since 2013 he is working as a freelancer for German Film- and TV productions (companies: Basis Berlin, Kurhaus Productions Baden-Baden) as well as for the German TV (SWR Baden-Baden). He edited various documentaries, such as “Taste Of Cement” by Ziad Kalthoum, which won, amongst other European and international festivals, in Locarno.

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