Andrei Zinca


producer / participant 2022
 / INT workshop
Andrei Zinca studied Film and TV Photography in Romania, and Directing and Film Production at USC, in Los Angeles. Before he left Romania in 1982, he contributed as a Camera Operator to 8 features. In 1988, Mr. Zinca moved to the U.S., where he established himself as a leading Director/Producer for the Hispanic U.S. and Latin American TV markets, with more than 1500 hours of television under his belt. Through his Double 4 Studios production company, he co-produced two feature films with Romania, which he also wrote and directed. “Puzzle” was awarded for best picture, script, lead actors and photography at various independent film festivals in the US, and was sold to various European countries, and the US. His second feature “So, What’s Freedom?” won Audience Choice Awards for Best Movie at festivals in Romania and US, and premiered in Romania in July, 2021. He is a member of Film Independent LA.
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