Aneta Zagórska


producer / participant 2022
 / INT workshop
Krakow-based film producer. In 2003 she founded Film Kraków, which carries out documentary and fictional film projects. In 2013 Aneta Zagórska started Krakow Film Klaster – an association of companies and filmmakers from Lesser Poland. One of the newest undertakings is Krakow Animation Centre, where Aneta Zagórska is CEO and producer. In her portfolio Aneta Zagórska has over a dozen documentary films – two of the newest: „Nature is My Homeland” and „One Day More” were premiered at Krakow Film Festival 2021. The same year marks the end of the production process of two features: „Vadio” dir. Simao Cayatte (co-produced with Portugal Ukbar Filmes) and "True Life of Angels" dir. Artur Więcek. Aneta Zagórska is a member of the Polish Filmmakers Association and the international European Producers Club.
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