Jorge Sánchez Calderón


editor / participant 2022
 / INT workshop
Jorge Sánchez Calderón (Madrid, 1982). After finishing his studies in Graphic Design and Publicity in Madrid and Multimedia Design in Worcester (England), he moved to Prague to study at the prestigious Montage department at FAMU, where he obtained his bachelor's and master's degrees. He focuses both as an editor and director on creative documentaries, alternating also works for TV documentary and docu-realities.
Recently he has written and directed the experimental documentary Schism (Famu, 2020) and has edited feature documentary Ticket to the Moon (V. Janatková, Kloos/ČT/Arte/ZDF, 2019) and Two Roads (R. Síbrt, Pink/HBO, 2019), audience award at MFDF Ji.hlava 2019.
He's currently filming together with Valerio Mendoza his feature debut Volver a Volver (Return Again), following the settlement process of Venezuelan refugees of Czechoslovak ascent in the Czech Republic.
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