dok.incubator 2020 goes online until August!

In spite of the situation is getting better every day, we are forced to CANCEL the June 22nd – 27th dok.incubator residential session. The conditions of travelling abroad are still uncertain in most of countries. However, dok.incubator is in full run online! We count with our next residential sessions in August (24. – 29., SK) and at the end of October (CZ).

Stay tuned for online updates!

dok.incubator introduces 8 teams for the 2020 workshop

Dok.incubator has announced the final selection of talented filmmakers whose projects will be supported in 2020.

Clouds /FI/ Tuija Halttunen, Niina Virtanen, Jussi Sandhu, Life of Ivanna /RU, NO, FI/Renato Borrayo Serrano, Vlad Ketkovich, Mette Cheng Munthe-Kaas, Pertti Veijalainen, We are inside /LB/Farah Kassem, Cynthia Choucair, Patricia DratiAnders Jepsen, Diagnonsense /NO/ –  Ane-Martha Tamnes Hansgård, Andrew Grant, Øyvind Nyborg Gregersen, Truls Krane Meby, Stéphanie Morin, The Labudovic Reels /RS, FR, QA, ME, HR/Mila Turajlic, Carine Chichkowsky, Sylvie Gadmer, Brotherhood /CZ, IT/ – Francesco Montagner, Pavla Janoušková Kubečková, Nadia Trevisan, Valentina Cicogna, The Pawnshop /PL/ – Lukasz Kowalski, Anna Mazerant, Adriana Fernández, UNTITLED TURKEY PROJECT /DE/ – Florian Schewe, Till Ufer

Find more information about the projects here.

dok.incubator workshop update due to COVID-19

By reason of global safety regulations, our workshop scheduled for April is postponed.
At the moment, we are intensively working on the alternative dates of our program. As soon as we decide on the final term and conditions, we will keep you posted.

The selection results of our international programme will be announced by the end of March. We will contact all applicants via email.

Please keep safe and hopefully we’ll meet in better times soon,
Your dok.incubator team


late April – early May // Slovakia // ROUGH CUT

The first session aims to maximize the film’s potential. The workshop is focused on intensive individual editing sessions and creating tailor-made distribution strategy.

We start with screenings of the participants’ rough cuts, followed by a moderated discussion and in-depth analysis of the rhythm, character development, narrative structure and dramaturgy. Each participant is assigned a supervising tutor and chooses an additional ‘fresh eye’ consultant to work with on the editing, receives their feedback on the structure, dramaturgy and narration of the film and its potential for international audience.

Meanwhile, the producers of the participating projects work on a rough distribution and festival strategy, searching for specific opportunities for their films within specific territories, platforms or institutions. They prepare a proper time schedule, based on current situation of the film and receive feedback on their financing plans, attending case studies on crowd-funding and other independent financing possibilities, using their social networks.

In between two workshops the participants are supposed to work intensively. They should:

  • achieve a near ‘final cut’ stage
  • prepare a distribution and festival strategy which will be discussed at the next session
  • have an idea about the first release of the film and its marketing, incl. its financial plan

Workshops 2020

Frequently Asked Questions: here you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about applying for our programme.

About workshop

dok.incubator is an international documentary rough cut workshop for editors, directors and producers. The workshop provides 6 months of individual tutoring by world class editors, producers, marketing experts and distributors.

  • A forum of 25 internationally-active professionals who work on dramaturgy, distribution strategy and marketing throughout the whole postproduction phase of your film (end of April – September)
  • An inspiration for your storytelling gained from a group of tutors and participants from Europe and other countries around the world
  • A deep knowledge of the current film market and sophisticated knowledge of how to build a tailor-made distribution strategy
  • New tools to target and attract wider audience, internationally

Workshop Programme:

Eight creative teams (producer + director + editor) of feature-length documentary projects are selected. The teams are invited to three intensive week-long workshops, however they work continuously, under the supervision of their mentors for the whole 6 months.

1st Session: April/May – Slovakia

Each project gets feedback on the dramaturgy of the rough cut from the whole group of participants and tutors. The projects are selected by the editing mentors to work together on the film’s storytelling, the topic, and character building throughout whole the course. The participating producers discuss the film’s distribution potential and develop the first draft of the international strategy. The whole team participates in the audience targeting.

2nd Session: June – Czech Republic

Editing mentors work with the participants during the summer to finalize the narrative structure of the films. At the 2nd session, a test screening occurs and decision makers give filmmakers feedback from the distribution point of view. Internationally established sales agents, festival representatives and broadcasters help the participants with designing detailed distribution strategies, films’ positioning and specific marketing materials (stills, poster, texts, trailers).

3rd Session:  September (Nordisk Panorama) – Sweden

The participants introduce their projects to key European broadcasters, sales agents, and festival selectors at an exclusive presentation of upcoming films: the dok.incubator preview at Nordisk Panorama. After 4 days of trailer editing and individual pitching training, the informal pitching takes place and the participants have the opportunity to meet individually with the invited guests to gain presales, sales and festival offers for the film and to build an own network of contacts in the business. After the presentation, they share the offers and the next steps to take with their distribution tutors.

Please, note the TIMELINE of your editing work:

  • Between the 1st and the 2nd workshop (end of April – June), please, book your editor’s time for 4 – 6 weeks (Two weeks before each workshop we ask you to upload the new version of your cut for our tutors to watch.)
  • Between the 2nd and 3rd workshop (July – early September) you’re finishing the cut, editing the trailer and preparing the distribution/marketing package
  • All three members of the team (producer – director – editor) attend the complete week-long programme of the 3 workshops

dok.incubator traces at Sundance Film Festival

dok.incubator is delighted to announce another 3 films developed in dok.incubator workshop are now competing in the World Cinema Documentary Competition at Sundance Film Festival! In the last 7 years of the workshop 9 films have already been selected for Sundance.

World Cinema Documentary Competition

An intimate portrait “The Disappearance of My Mother” by Beniamo Barrese (IT), where we w­­itness a once-iconic fashion model striving to escape the world of images and disappear for good. But her son’s determination to make a final film about her sparks an unexpected collaboration and confrontation with the camera’s gaze .


“Lapü”, directed by César Alejandro Jaimes & Juan Pablo Polanco (CO) takes us on a sensory journey through the desert of La Guajira in Columbia where a young Wayuu woman exhumes her cousin’s remains buried in the middle of the Guajira desert in order to meet her for the last time.


With remarkably intimate access Petra Costa’s “The Edge of Democracy” (BR) follows Brazil’s embattled leaders Dilma Rousseff and Lula da Silva as they grapple with a scandal born out of their country’s fascist past and inflamed by a furious and ideologically divided nation. Like a great Greek tragedy, the film witnesses their rise and fall and the tragically polarized nation that remains.  

Moreover, we are happy to congratulate also another three films, competing this year at Sundance, made by dok.incubator ex-participants and tutors!

The Magic Life of V.” by Tonislav Hristov and “Advocate”, edited by Yael Bitton compete in the World Cinema Documentary Competition and Nanfu Wang’s “One Child Nation” has been selected for the U.S. Documentary Competition.

Applications for the 2019 workshop are open now!

DEADLINE: 30th January
or meet us at Berlinale 8th – 12th of February.

Hledáme koordinátora/ku, který/á nám pomůže s přechodem do nové databáze Eventival!

Popis pracovní pozice:

– projektový management, nastavení harmonogramu, naplánování jednotlivých fází přechodu
– komunikace s týmem o průběhu, spolupráce s jeho členy na dílčích potřebách databáze
– komunikace s konzultanty dílčích technických řešení
– pomoc s dokončením konsolidace a migrace dat, supervize brigádníků, kteří budou čistit
duplicity a data
– analýza a nastavení systému tagů dle potřeb organizace
– tvorba základních přihlašovacích formulářů pro účastníky workshopů
– tvorba HTML základních šablon massmailingu
– uživatelská podpora a školení uživatelů

Co požadujeme:

– znalost databází, zkušenost s jejich managementem
– znalost Eventivalu výhodou, není podmínkou (máme konzultanta)
– dobrou znalost angličtiny (databáze Eventival je v anglickém jazyce)
– znalost základů HTML
– analytické, logické myšlení ("selský rozum")
– samostatnost, pečlivost, systematičnost, koncepční práce
– zkušenost s podobnými projekty vítána


– smysluplnou práci pro unikátní mezinárodní filmovou komunitu
– plný úvazek do dubna 2019, s možností další spolupráce do budoucna
– motivující zaměstnání v komorním týmu v příjemném prostředí v centru Prahy
– osobní růst, profesní rozvoj a mezinárodní kontakty  
Zájemci mohou zaslat svůj strukturovaný životopis s referenčními kontakty a motivační
dopis (max. 1/2 strany A4) na . Vybraným uchazečům se